Plastic packaging
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We offer over 20 types of films, including: OPP, CPP, HDPE, LDPE, Stretch, Polyolefin, Laminates, Foams.


The foil is an ideal raw material used in the production of the whole range of different packages both for industrial and food packing articles.


It is characterized by the uncomplicated processing (welding, folding, laminating, perforating), the durability (dependent  on the kind it is resistant to elongation, tearing, high and low temperatures) and very attractive look (it is used successfully in advertisement sector (labels, shields, posters).

The foil made of plastics can be activated – that means the technological process which enhances the surface energy. This process enables the foil to be printed, stuck or cut.

Our offer includes over 20 kinds of foil that are individually chosen for the customer`s demand depending on technologies of production of packages, packing of products and its application in the future.




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